David Roush Enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in May 2009. While in the Corps, David studied meteorology and oceanography. He served in the South Pacific where he provided emergency support for multiple floodings, assisted anti-terrorist efforts in Thailand and the Phillippines, supported the defense efforts of South Korea during the North Korean nuclear threats, and facilitated relief efforts in Northern Japan for Operation Tomodachi and the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident. While performing these duties, he worked alongside the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, Army Rangers, Marine Recon, Marine Air wing, and 3rd Intelligence Battalion. 

After separation from service, David attended Liberty University's School of Aeronautics with studies in Commercial Corporate Aviation and became a fixed-wing pilot. During his time at Liberty University, he founded several companies including Aerie Collective LLC, ReDevelopment Investments LLC (REDI)/ Rediscapes, and PPLBTC. 

Today he is a vocal advocate for the drone industry with a strong history in managing operations and logistics in high end commercial drone operations for utility companies, emergency services, and other drone companies globally.


Meet The Team

David Roush

CEO / Founder

FLY drone projects to help you save time and money,

MAINTAIN drones so they won't break and,

REPAIR them if they do,

BUT most importantly we strive to make you a happy camper! (no camping required)

How are we different?

We're lovers of people that happen to like drones.

You will always come first, and we will show you that by taking great pride in restoring the drones you value so much.

Aerie Collective is a "collective" of hand picked professionals who are devoted to customer service and specialize in drones. It was started by a U.S. Marine with an insatiable desire to get to know people (seriously, we cant get him to stop talking, help!) but as deep as his love for humanity he also loves procedures and quality. As a former jet pilot and Marine he has leadership and discipline down to an art form, so we can't think of anyone better to take care of your needs.


It's a simple yet powerful mission

The drone industry is today's wild west and we are its cowboys (and cowgirls!)

From drone taxis to 3D renderings of buildings that don't exist yet,

You and I both know drones are the future.


We're here to partner with you to make that future our present.

Join us, because after all: A rising tide lifts all ships



We are located in

Folsom, California, United States

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