Fighting COVID-19

With Hydrogen Drones

How drones can help​


Post Virus

Back to Normal

Into the Future

This virus will come to an end, and when it does, Aerie Collectives drones will be here to help restore our nation. Our Hydrogen Drones can assist in keeping drone deliveries going while high risk people are still distancing, delivering resources to those hit hardest by the virus, and so much more. 

These incredible drones can be used for many standard operations outside of emergencies. These drones can be used for search and rescue operations, emergency medical deliveries, and monitoring crash sites before first responders can arrive. 

The world was drastically underprepared for COVID-19. We never want that to happen again. Aerie Collective is devoted to developing programs to assist in all future emergencies. 


We Believe That Drones Can Save The World

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