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We are focused on advocating for hydrogen fuel in every applicable area. We work closely with hydrogen suppliers to make access to hydrogen easy for everyone! 


Hydrogen fuel is a clean source of energy.  We are working with various partners for the goal of a carbon free energy industry!


Our hydrogen drones are an incredible feat of aerial technology and hydrogen fuel cell technology. These fantastic drones can be used for various missions in any location!


Hydrogen technology is constantly changing and growing. We are constantly researching new ways to access pure hydrogen and use it to advance emerging technologies. 


This planet is our home and it is the only one that we have. As stewards of this planet, we believe it is our responsibility to do everything we can to keep it clean and healthy. 

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Crazy about Drones, Serious about People!

Who are we?
What are we doing?

Aerie Collective is a tech start-up based in Northern California. Our focus is to make the UAS industry sustainable through the use of hydrogen as a clean fuel source. We want to create a clean and easily accessible industry for professionals and hobbyists alike. Through new advances in fuel technology and exciting programs in maintenance and flight, we are an all encompassing drone company willing to do what it takes to see our customers succeed!

Our goal is to enhance the infrastructure of the drone industry and create a sustainable future for all types of drone flight. Through the use of hydrogen fuel power and hydrogen fuel cells, we are able to increase UAV efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint; helping pilots and the planet! Through the use of UAV's we work hard to assist other industries as well, building a better tomorrow for everyone. 


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Sacramento, and Newport Beach, California, United States

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