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Well I'm glad you asked, here's what we do:

FLY drone projects to help you save time and money,

MAINTAIN drones so they won't break and,

REPAIR them if they do,

BUT most importantly we strive to make you a happy camper! (no camping required)

How are we different?

We're lovers of people that happen to like drones.

You will always come first, and we will show you that by taking great pride in restoring the drones you value so much.

Aerie Collective is a "collective" of hand picked professionals who are devoted to customer service and specialize in drones. It was started by a U.S. Marine with an insatiable desire to get to know people (seriously, we cant get him to stop talking, help!) but as deep as his love for humanity he also loves procedures and quality. As a former jet pilot and Marine he has leadership and discipline down to an art form, so we can't think of anyone better to take care of your needs.

So without further ado click one of the boxes below and let's get you what you need

I am part of the Working Group with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) that focuses on developing standards for both Infrastructure Inspections and Commercial Services Operations which will directly impact the rules and use of drones in any commercial aspect across the country. The FAA and many other government organizations use ANSI to develop the standards for how things are done. My portion consists of helping develop the standard operating procedures for how drones are used around energy infrastructure. 


I am partnered with an international company out of the UK called Intelligent Energy which creates hydrogen fuel cells for anything from trains, cars, and drones. I am working to push the technology in the drone industry because it extends drone flight time from 30 minutes to 2 hours. I am also partnered with a Georgia company called Drones in Industry LLC which is a collective of FAA-certified drone pilots trained for any industry.

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