Company Niche 

The company currently operates in both the public and private sector and provides drone support in over 14 industries. Some of these industries include but are not limited to emergency service (such as search and rescue), wind/solar, inspections, transmission/distribution, education, videography, and fire prevention programs.

Company History  

Aerie Collective was originally created in order to help drone companies with their networking and to help to facilitate working relationships between governmental or commercial contracts and drone companies, like that of the 308 Request for Proposal (RFP) which dealt with drones being used in emergency services in states such as Virginia.
    Since the success of the 308 RFP, Aerie has made it their objective to provide support to their fellow drone companies whether it be by assisting them with winning contract bids or by providing technical support. Aerie has also made it a priority to help with improving the public’s education on drones as well as promoting safer and more efficient standards for drones and their users by participating in meetings and conferences throughout the United States. 
David Roush, on behalf of Aerie Collective, has been participating in creating the standardization of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) by American National Standards Institute (ANSI). For information regarding the efforts that are being made, please click on this link (ANSI Standardization Roadmap for Unmanned Aircraft Systems). Once these standards are approved, they will be the set standard to which all UAS pilots and all UAS companies must follow in the United States.
    Aerie Collective has been providing education on drones and their uses to the public by involving themselves within the community. Representatives have gone to City Council meetings in Clearlake and to tradeshows/workshop dealing with agriculture, such as NGRA-ARS Sensor Technology Workshop, in order to connect with the community and explain how drones can be used to help in farming, fire prevention programs, emergency services, and with inspections.
Mr. Roush has been asked to be a guest speaker on WGAU for Energy Matters a Radio Show. He will discuss the various uses of UAS, or drones, in industries such as construction, emergency service, and others. He will also discuss how these UASs are effecting the environment and how they use green technology, such as hydro batteries.
Here are some highlights of Aerie Collective’s accomplishments:
Managed operations and logistics for the largest commercial drone operation in history: the fire prevention program in Northern California, which had over 1000 pilots and a little under 700k transmission and distribution power lines surveyed between January and June 2019.
Participated in contracts including multiple subcontracts for the 308 RFP (a major emergency response contract in Virginia spanning 50 states)
Partnered with 52 drone companies across the country gaining access to 5000+ unmanned pilots and aerial vehicles including military and commercial manned aircraft.
Represented Oasis USA and Hoverfly for northeast region (VA to NY) in negotiating drone security contracts with Department of Corrections in VA, NC, and GA, and FEMA for emergency services with Hurricanes Michael and Florence.
Participated in NC program for drone services including NC police, fire departments, and city officials in partnership with Fort Bragg and NC State
Provided support and brokered various projects and deals including a Busch Gardens Christmas commercial, solar panel surveys, cell tower surveys, agricultural land surveys, security for Lockn Festival, and real estate marketing videos including commercials for Liberty university, area schools, hospitals, apartment complexes, car dealerships, and private homes.
Participated in B-to-G conferences to provide drone support for multiple government entities and prime contractor companies including Textron, Department of Energy, and SAIC

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