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About The Class
This one-day course provides instruction to diagnose and repair damaged UAS aircraft in the field or at your office location. Repairing your damaged drone in the field allows you to complete your flight mission to ensure timely delivery of deliverables to your client. Additionally, cost and time to completing your flight-mission at a later date and downtime to send your drone for repair are eliminated Free classroom training up to 1-year after graduation.

Instruction by expert Dronitek FAA licensed instructors provides in-depth training to recognize component failures before they occur and to diagnose and repair your drone when an incident occurs. Gaining this knowledge is a critical component to a successful drone operation. Students receive a certificate of graduation and documentation of advanced professional training upon completion of this course.

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Course Instruction:
UAS Fixed Wing and Multirotor Platforms
UAS Components
Preventative Maintenance
Determining Airworthiness
Common Wear Components and Repairs
UAS Repair Tools
Part Sourcing and Pricing
Diagnostic and Repair Procedures
Customer Product Support Sources and Technical Assistance
Firmware Updates
Compass and IMU Calibrations
Common Manufacturer Component Error Messages and Corrections
Understanding No Fly Zone Geo-Fencing (airspace blocks)
Post Repair Test Flight Procedures
Introduction to Precision Tuning Rates (PID’s)
Soldering and Multimeter Training
Disassembly of a Phantom Platform
Aerie Collective Graduation Certificate
Free classroom training up to 1-year after graduation


Tuition Fee: $490.00


Alpena Community College

Alpena, MI

June 17-18, 2022

8:30 am- 5:30 pm

Vian Estates Winery

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