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All UAS Precision Agriculture Certification Courses are held at an 80-acre private estate winery located in the Sierra foothills near the historic towns of Auburn and Grass Valley, California. This site accommodates UAS autonomous data gathering flight missions.

This one-day course provides instruction for the use of drones to increase crop yields, monitor crop health, and maximize operating efficiencies throughout the crop growing season. Aerie Collectives FAA-licensed instructor is a Subject Material Expert (SEM) who is well known throughout the UAS Precision Agriculture Industry. He will provide in-depth instruction about remote sensor technology, crop science, crop economics, data collection, data processing software platforms, grower deliverables, pricing models, marketing UAS services to growers, and much more.

Students will participate in a hands-on autonomous data capture flight mission and the use of a data processing software platform to produce grower crop report deliverables. Students receive a certificate of graduation and documentation of advanced professional training upon completion of this course.

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Course Instruction:
Benefits of UAS Precision Agriculture
Introduction to Crop Science
Introduction to Crop Economics
Marketing UAS Services to Growers
Planning Process for Crop Data Gathering Flight-Missions/Inspections
Data Collection
Data Processing Software Platforms / Client Deliverables
UAS Aircraft Platforms
Sensors Used in Precision Agriculture
RG, NIR, NDVI, and Contour Mapping Technology
Understanding Lighting Conditions for Best Sensor Imaging Results
Hands-on Data Gathering Flight-Mission and Processing Grower Report Deliverables
Insurance requirements
Pricing Models
Dronitek Drone Flight Academy Graduation Certificate
Free classroom training up to 1-year after graduation

Tuition Fee: $890.00


Alpena Community College

Alpena, MI

June 17-18, 2022

8:30 am- 5:30 pm

Vian Estates Winery

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