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This two-day course provides instruction to create orthomosaics, elevation, and 3D models using the latest UAS/Drone mapping technology. The use of UAS mapping technology has exploded due to rapid technological advancements. The availability of drones carrying high-quality sensors has significantly reduced the time, cost, and human resources required to collect imagery and produce high-quality 3D maps and models.

Aerie Collectives lead instructor is a nationally recognized public safety Subject Material Expert (SME) to 23-regional agencies and 4-counties including California State Agencies. Our expert FAA licensed instructors will provide in-depth instruction that covers UAS mapping aircraft, field equipment, Flight data capture, data processing software platforms, flight planning, project workflows, quality control, and much more. A hands-on mapping data capture flight-mission and data processing software platform to produce flight-mission deliverables will be conducted during this two-day course. Students receive a certificate of graduation and documentation of advanced professional training upon completion of this course. FAR Part 107 knowledge is highly recommended for enrollment.

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Course Instruction:
Mapping and Modeling Concepts
3-D Modeling
Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Quality Control & Best Practices
Ground Control Points
Point Clouds
Current UAS Aircraft Platforms
Data Processing Software Platforms
Flight Mission Planning
Client Deliverables
Project Scope and Cost Analysis
Pricing Models
Autonomous versus flight mission operations
Hands-On Mapping Flight Mission and Data Processing
Aerie Collectives Graduation Certificate
Free classroom training up to 1-year after graduation

Tuition Fee: $1,490.00


Alpena Community College

Alpena, MI

June 17-18, 2022

8:30 am- 5:30 pm

Vian Estates Winery

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