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If you're in or around Folsom, CA, it's easy to get Matrice drone repair without having to either drive a long way or send your drone off through a shipping service. This is because that's where we're located. We are Aerie Collective, a group of drone professionals who do repairs and maintenance as well as setting up flights and renting drones to others. Here, we can fix your Matrice without any problems.
Our drone repair San Francisco is a favorite not only for those in the Bay Area, but for UAV fans all across the country. This is because we don't force owners to physically come into the shop to get their drones fixed. If we are not near you, you can ship your machine to us for Matrice drone repair. We also fix all other makes and models, so there's no need to own a Matrice in order to use this service.
If you are close enough to drive over for drone repair Bay Area, you can simply bring your UAV to our shop without having to wait for any shipping delays. We'll be glad to see you in person. Just call to make an appointment to ensure that you won't have to wait very long.
Those who are too far to make the drive can still get drone repair San Francisco. We do accept drones that were sent to us for repair, and you'll get the same great service that you could expect if you personally came into the shop. We'll examine your drone and then give you the price of the repairs that are needed. Once you give the go-ahead, we'll do the repairs and then ship the drone back to you ready to fly.
These options are just some of the reasons people from all over use us for drone repair Bay Area. Our experienced, enthusiast drone service people are the other reason. They are the ones who ensure high quality repairs and maintenance that we are known for. They know what to look out for, how each model should respond when in flight, and what to fix when things aren't working right. We invite you to experience the excellent results that we deliver. Bring our send your broken drone to us for repairs today, and see for yourself.
To set up service, all you need to do is fill out the form on our site or give us a call. We'll then discuss the problem and let you know how to proceed to get it fixed. We also offer other drone-related services, such as maintenance and rentals.

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