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Big Move, Bigger Opportunity

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, progress is not stopping here at Aerie Collective. We believe it is important to keep working on new technology through the crisis, especially if the technology has the potential to help now and in the future.

COVID-19 has created new problems for us to solve through the use of UAV’s. Aerie Collective is currently developing programs for Hydrogen Drones that can assist medical professionals on the front lines of this pandemic. These programs, however, are being developed outside of Sacramento, where the current Aerie Collective Office is located.

Aerie Collective CEO, David Roush, has decided to move his location to San Francisco in the midst of this pandemic to keep this work going. The City of San Francisco is working with Aerie Collective and its partners on a number of essential projects, including trials of drone delivery for medical purposes.

Moving to San Francisco is a challenge during this time, David is thrilled by the potential opportunities. “It will be a challenge, and I will need to take extra precautions because of COVID-19, but I hope this move will allow us to help even more people during this scary time,” discussed David.

The atmosphere is San Francisco embraces and encourages growth for both start-ups and tech companies. As the company grows, San Francisco will be a great place to find more partners and new people to add to our team!

Though the company has not officially moved to San Francisco, David hopes to establish an office in the area for continuous operations. A potential base office move is also on the table for Aerie Collective.

Aerie Collective works with many companies such at Mothership and IGX that are based out of San Francisco, which will make joint projects more efficient. Current investors are also in San Francisco, giving the Aerie Collective a chance to better connect with everyone involved in developing this new technology.

The opportunity for company growth is larger in San Francisco as well. “We have partners, investors, and the ability to grow a lot in San Francisco,” said Roush, “I am excited to watch this company grow and adapt in our exciting new environment.”

Other team members are thrilled about a potential company location change as well. San Francisco is a thriving city full of potential.

With great views, great food, and the ocean in our back yard, what is not to love?

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