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UAVs vs COVID-19

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

No one is questioning that we are living in a scary time. With the first global pandemic in generations happening now, we are being faced with new challenges every day.

During this crazy time, drones are being used around the world to assist in the fight against COVID-19. UAV’s have been used for applications such as photography, inspections, search and rescue, and now, delivering toilet paper to friends and walking dogs!

In San Francisco, where the city is on lockdown, toilet paper is being delivered by drone. David Chen took to the sky with his UAV equipped with a payload of toilet paper to save his friend who had just run out.

A man in Cyprus took his friendly Pomeranian pup for a walk using his UAV in the midst of the government-mandated lockdown. He posted the video to the internet with the caption, “Stay home but don’t forget your dog’s happiness.”

Walking dogs is not the only creative way people are using their drones during quarantine!

A Lithuanian wedding photographer, unable to capture weddings due to social distancing, has put his photography skills to use with a drone. He takes photographs of families and friends bonding in quarantine during Lithuania’s lockdown. Families have been taking their time to be creative, some even creating costumes and widow scenes, to pose for the camera equipped UAV.

Drones are being used on the front lines to fight the virus as well.

UAV’s have been implemented to carry medical samples in China. In the Zhejiang Province, drones are being used to deliver tests to and from the CDC. The use of drones cut the delivery time from 20 minutes to 6 minutes and reduced the amount of people who would need to come in contact with each other to deliver the test.

Drones are also being used to assist law enforcement agencies at this time. UAV’s used for law enforcement operations have the added benefit of keeping the officers at a safe distance. In a time of social distancing, reducing human contact in any way has the ability to save lives.

While times are scary, the emerging technology being used and tested during this time will have great impacts in the future. The lessons we are learning today will help us develop a brighter future. With each trial we face, we grow.

Please stay updated on information from the CDC and WHO. Wash your hands and stay safe!

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