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Healing Our Planet, One UAV Flight at a Time

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Earth Day is a time to be thankful for the beautiful planet we get to call home. Unfortunately, the human race has not always treated our planet the way we should. Here at Aerie Collective, we believe in doing our part to help keep our planet healthy and securing a better future for all of its inhabitants.

Environmental sustainability is a key factor in all decisions we make. That is why we choose to power our drones with Hydrogen Fuel Cells. Our partners at Mothership Aeronautics, IGX, and Intelligent Energy work with us on a daily basis to develop Hydrogen Drones that can help our planet and its people.

Hydrogen is a clean fuel, meaning it produces less pollution than traditional fuel methods. The Hydrogen Fuel Cells generate electrical energy from chemical energy while only producing water as a byproduct. This means that there are no chemicals or additives being released into our environment by the fuel cells, just pure water.

Drones powered with Hydrogen not only produce clean energy but are also much more efficient than traditional lithium ion battery systems. Hydrogen drones can have 3x the flight time and can lift heavier payloads as well. The Hydrogen Fuel cells take only minutes to refill as well, meaning less waiting to get the bird back in the sky.

At Aerie Collective, we believe it is

important to take care of this beautiful planet we get to call home. As our company grows, we plan to take even more steps to reduce our environmental impact and develop programs to give back to our planet.

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

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