Once we receive the drone, we will perform a no obligation diagnostic check on the drone and send you a quote for the needed repairs.

If after receiving the quote, you decide that you do not want to continue with the needed repairs, we will charge you only what it costs to return your drone. If after learning what needs fixed, you decide to move forward with the drone repair, we will begin the repair immediately.

Once the drone repair has been approved by you and repaired by our team, we will complete a  comprehensive test flight to make sure that no other issues are present within your drone.
After your drone has passed our test flight, we will send it back your way and you’ll be flying your drone shortly. (Up, up and away!)

Here's how it works:

Send your drone to us up to 3 times!


With a 1-year subscription, your drone will receive a thorough and comprehensive exam included with any repair needs you may have such as:

  • Leg replacements,

  • Gimbal replacements,

  • Firmware updates,

  • Outer shell replacements,

  • Camera filter replacement,

  • propeller replacement and many others.

To put it simply, if you need anything on your drone repaired, updated or optimized, we got you!

We are here for you and if you have any questions about your drone or any of the projects we have worked on, please contact us! (The Marine would love to have another person to talk to.)

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