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Controlling UAS Repair Cost

While the best way to control any repair cost is to avoid damage in the first place, we also all know that accidents happen. When they do, repairs are inevitable if you intend to keep using your UAS. Therefore, the next-best thing you can do is take steps to reduce UAS repair cost.
Staying up on maintenance is one of the best ways to reduce the need for UAS repair and therefore cost, and it will ensure that the moving parts last as long as possible. If you don't want to do it yourself, use our maintenance service. This is far cheaper than any "cheap drone repair near me" shop will be. It only costs $99 per year to sign up for our maintenance plan, which allows you to send your machine in up to five times per period. During maintenance, we inspect for weakening parts, calibrate the compass, thoroughly clean the motor, and much more.
When a drone does break down, the first thing that may come to mind is to look for "cheap drone repair near me," but there's often a problem with that: Companies that offer their services as "cheap" often aren't worth dealing with. Instead, it's better to look for one that happens to charge less than similar ones in the area, but that does not make price its main priority. This helps to avoid those who lower their costs by cutting essential corners.
Here at Aerie Collective, we offer a plan that lowers UAS repair cost for enthusiasts without reducing our level of quality. This is the yearly subscription, which allows you to send in your drone three times per year for one blanket price. If you frequently fly your machine, this will save you from surprise big bills and get the drone back in the air as soon as possible.
For those who don't fly a UAS often enough to make a subscription worthwhile, we advise that you prioritize your repairs. Send the drone to our shop for the essentials, such as body rebuilding, leg replacement, or propeller replacement. For other things, such as firmware updates or camera lens work, consider doing them yourself. Then, your repair budget is saved for the absolute necessities.
Keep in mind that not every UAS repair is expensive. Some parts are fairly standard, such as propellers, so they just have to be the right size in order to work. This allows for mass production, which tends to lower prices. Body parts, on the other hand, are specific to make and model. Therefore, they are more likely to be on the expensive side.

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